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Can Babies Under 6 Months Drink Celery Juice? Dosage Amounts, Benefits, and How to Administer

When our baby was born, we both asked ourselves, can babies under 6 months drink celery juice? We knew celery juice had amazing benefits, but we did not know the dosage amounts and how to best administer the celery juice. Anthony William in the Medical Medium Celery Juice book gives dosage amounts for 6 months and older. With our son dealing with jaundice, strep, and passed down toxins, we wanted to get him started on celery juice right away. Celery juice cleanses viruses, bacteria, and toxins from our bodies. Ashley drinks 32 oz of celery juice everyday, so we knew he would be getting some of that through the breast milk, but wanted him to get the benefits from drinking it directly.

We needed some guidance so we met with a medical medium practitioner @muneeza_medical_intuitive / . She has an intuitive gift to read people and tell them what she feels might be going on. She confirmed what we thought was going with our son. He had some baby liver issues and was dealing with a lot of strep in his system. Most importantly she helped us understand the celery juice dosage amounts for a baby under 6 months. Once we got this information, we loaded up the juicer with celery, got a syringe and gave him some celery juice!


We started him on celery juice at 7 weeks and gave him just 2 drops, then 3 drops at 8-9 weeks. At 10 weeks we meet with Muneeza and this is what she recommended:

10 weeks – 5 drops would be 1/16th of a teaspoon

11 weeks – 10 drops would be 1/8th of a teaspoon

She said to increase 5 drops each week and the goal was by 4-5 months to have him drinking 1 oz.


With our next baby we will most likely start on celery right away with 1 drop, then slowly add on each week.


He is currently drinking 4 teaspoons which is 2/3 of an oz. We are working him up to that 1 oz. We have noticed that he has gotten used to having it everyday now. When we are drinking our celery juice, we will even let him drink some of ours from the cup so he can associate mommy and daddy drinking the same thing as him.


When he wasn’t a fan of the celery juice, we tried mixing a little apple juice in with the celery, but he was having a hard time with that too. Watch the video to learn how he reacted and how we got him to drink his CJ!

If you are new to celery juice, we did a great video called celery juice for beginners. It takes you through all the frequently asked questions for beginners.


Ben and Ashley

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