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How Much Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie To Give Babies Under 6 Months I Medical Medium

We know the heavy metal detox smoothie benefits can be amazing for adults, but about what babies? How much heavy metal detox smoothie to give babies under 6 months? If you search “heavy metal detox smoothie youtube Medical Medium”, Anthony William will pop up and teach you about the ingredients and how to make the smoothie. There are tons of heavy metal detox smoothie testimonials all over social media. It’s a smoothie that really works and works well!

Surprisingly, our body is not a clean slate at birth, and we come into this world with toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, nickel, copper, and cadmium. We inherite metals from our family line, and a baby will get additional metals from medical interventions at birth and throughout childhood if parents chose to get these for their children.

How are they passed down? Men pass the heavy metals through the sperm during conception, and woman pass metals during the growth of the baby in the belly and whatever toxins the mom's liver can't handle during pregnancy will fall onto the baby’s liver. So when she picks up new metals during pregnancy, these may get passed over to the baby too. Toxic heavy metals rust/oxide, create a neurotoxin and contribute to countless health symptoms, conditions, and leave us vulnerable to a variety of illnesses. These metals feed bacteria, viruses, e. coli, c. defficile, h. pylori, and yeast causing more symptoms.

This is why it is super important to remove these toxic heavy metals using the Medical Medium heavy metal detox smoothie recipe.




2 bananas

2 cups wild blueberries

1 cup cilantro

1 cup orange juice


1 tsp barley grass juice powder -

1 tsp spirulina -

1 small handful of Atlantic dulse -

Optional: water or coconut water or fresh orange juice to blend



We also did a video on how much celery juice to give a baby 6 months or younger. Which is the most important piece of the medical medium morning cleanse.


Now you have two of the key parts of the Medical Medium morning cleanse.

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