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Medical Medium Truth on Jaundice - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

First time Mom and Dad here and our baby was born with newborn jaundice. Jaundice causes yellowing of skin and eyes those were the only jaundice symptoms our baby was experiencing. Jaundice treatment in the hospital is jaundice uv light. Luckily, we have Medical Medium truth to set the record straight. Medical Medium says jaundice in newborns is caused by the liver. Conventional medicine does not yet know what causes jaundice in babies.

The truth on what is jaundice in newborns is jaundice is a baby’s liver in shock, trying to start up its over 2,000 chemical functions and short-circuiting. Toxins get passed down from generation to generation and the baby inherits toxins at conception from the father and in the womb from the mother. It also may be dealing with any new medical treatments or toxins that have been passed down. We think babies are born with a clean slate but unfortunately, they are not. 70% at best and a lot less if a stressful or complicated pregnancy. If mom has toxic liver, then really affects the baby.

How long does it take for jaundice to go away? Could be weeks or months eventually jaundice dissipates and conventional medicine thinks it's gone with the wind. When really its far from over 5, 10, 15, 20 years down the road that baby, child, now adult could come down with symptoms related to that liver problems from birth. There are other signs that show the liver is still overburdened - bloating, stomach issues, acid reflux, cradle cap, baby acne, rashes and PANDAS , eczema, psoriasis. These things can also happen without jaundice.

What did we do?

Lots of TLC, sunlight, cleansing foods for a nursing mom, liver supportive foods for mom and liver supportive foods for baby, child, and future adult.

We eat a beyond vegan lifestyle, we have eliminated Medical Medium: Foods To Avoid For Healing Chronic Illness and eat very limited amounts of fat and salt. It is important to eliminate foods that can cause further harm to your baby's liver and moms liver. We do the medical medium healing cleanses many times throughout the year.

We started giving our baby celery juice, tinctures like zinc, b-12, and lemon balm. Now that you have the information it's important to grab Medical Medium books, start eating right, and take supplements and tinctures that support the liver.

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